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Argraph Introduces the Samigon Bottle-Top Pod,
The Fun, Handy Way to Get Everyone in the Picture!

Argraph Corporation, a leading international supplier of photographic / imaging products, is introducing the Samigon Bottle-Top™. The Bottle-Top Pod™ is a fun, handy, conversation-starting accessory that gets everyone into the picture.

The Bottle-Top™ turns virtually any water bottle, soft drink bottle, even beer bottle into an instant “tripod”. Simply screw the adapter into the tripod thread of your camera, attach the Bottle-Top to the top of your bottle and start including yourself in the picture. The built-in ball head allows you to angle your camera to make the shot just right.

The Samigon Bottle-Top™ is a great way to get photos of the whole family or group – with you in it! It works with most compact point and shoot cameras with a tripod thread, because of this there is no need to carry those cumbersome tripods around with you everywhere you go. It is the perfect thing for those spur of the moment shots when you don’t have a tripod handy. The Bottle-Top™ attracts crowds and conversation wherever you use it.


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