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JumpStart Guides are clear, comprehensive, user-friendly DVDs that help camera buyers to get the most out of their new digital camera – from the reasonably priced camera to state-of-the-art name brands.

Each JumpStart Guide comes with hundreds of dollar in money-saving coupons and rebates on accessories and products. And we use broadcast- quality equipment to produce each title. 

The Guides are a great resource for people who don’t like to read manuals.
The newbie will easily make the transition from taking snapshots to producing
inspired images to cherish forever; the pro will quickly adapt skills to shooting
with digital cameras.




Jumpstart Guides cover:


• Camera features and functions
• White balance
• ISO settings
• Quality settings
• Using a histogram
• Principles of photography
• Depth of field
• Aperture and shutter priority
• Program modes
• How to get sharp images
• Storing and carrying cameras
• Choosing and using a tripod
• What lens to buy next
• Using filters
• Digital media options
• Getting photographs into a computer
• Improving photos
• Printing options
• Storing photos on the web
• And much, much more


JumpStart Guide Pentax DSLR Titles
AJS00165 Pentax K10D
AJS00164 Pentax K100D
AJS00203 Pentax K100D SUPER
AJS08010 Pentax K20D 2-DVD Set
AJS08025 Pentax K-m/K2000
AJS08009 Pentax K200D 2-DVD Set
MSRP: $29.95




JumpStart Guide Nikon DSLR Titles

AJS08002 Nikon D3 2-DVD Set
AJS08022 Nikon D700 2-DVD Set
AJS00166 Nikon D40
AJS00168 Nikon D40X
AJS00116 Nikon D50
AJS08015 Nikon D60
AJS00102 Nikon D70
AJS00114 Nikon D70s
AJS00160 Nikon D80
AJS08023 Nikon D90 2-DVD Set
AJS00119 Nikon D200
AJS00207 Nikon D300 2-DVD Set
AJS23292 Nikon D800/D800E 2 DVD Set NEW!
AJS09025 Nikon D5000
AJS11234 Nikon D5100 NEW!

AJS13111 Nikon D5200 NEW!

AJS10001 Nikon D3000

AJS10075 Nikon D3100

AJS12920 Nikon D3200
AJS10101 Nikon D7000

MSRP: $29.95




JumpStart Guide Olympus DSLR Titles
AJS00158 Olympus Evolt E-330
AJS00178 Olympus Evolt E-410
AJS00157 Olympus Evolt E-500
AJS00170 Olympus Evolt E-510
AJS08017 Olympus Evolt E-420
MSRP: $29.95




JumpStart Guide Sony DSLR Titles
AJS00156 Sony DSC-R1
AJS00128 Sony Alpha 100
AJS08007 Sony Alpha 200 - 2-DVD Set
AJS00206 Sony Alpha 700 - 2-DVD Set
AJS08012 Sony Alpha 300/350 - 2-DVD Set
MSRP: $29.95




better photography
JumpStart Guide
General Titles 60 Minutes
AJS09048 Digital Photography Essential
AJS00167 Better Photography
AJS00301 Shooting & Producing Great Video
AJS11888 Digital SLR Photography
MSRP: $29.95





Jumpstart Guides cover:
• Overview

•Digital Camera Settings

•Three Point Lighting


•Group Portraits at Home

•Lighting Objects

•General and safety Tips


better photography
JumpStart Guide Lighting Titles
AJS08003 Studio Flash Systems
MSRP: $29.95





Instructional DVDs on SOFTWARE
Jumpstart Guides to Photoshop Elements cover:
• An overview of digital photography
• Getting your photos into your computer
• Organizing your images using dates and tags
• Different workspaces
• Printing and E-mailing options

• Using Plug-ins and filters
• Sharpening and masking images
• Removing the background
• Photo retouching


Photoshop Elements
JumpStart Guide Photoshop Elements
AJS00127 Photoshop Elements 4.0
AJS00163 Photoshop Elements 5.0
MSRP: $29.95




Garage Band
JumpStart Guide MAC Training CDs
AJS87262 Quick Start Your Mac
AJS00260 Quick Start to iPhoto
AJS00261 Quick Start to iMovie & iDVD
AJS00404 Quick Start to GarageBand
AJS00403 Quick Start to iTunes
AJS00402 Quick Start Your iPhone
MSRP: $19.95





Jumpstart Guides cover:
• A tour of your camcorder
• Buttons, controls and features
• Menus


• Taking better video
• Audio for video
• Post production



JumpStart Guide Video Titles
AJS00202 JVC GZ-HD7 Everio
AJS00200 Canon HV20
AJS08013 Canon HV30
AJS00180 Sony FX7
MSRP: $29.95





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