Digital SLR Power Grips

These professional-grade digital power grips set a
new standard for long-lasting portable power!

Samigon Power Grips provide Nikon D200, Fuji S5 Pro, Canon 5D, 20D, 30D, and 40D owners a sense of security knowing that they have much longer lasting battery power.

Samigon Power Grips enable photographers
to double their shots by using either two of the
same Lithium batteries the camera uses, or,
in an emergency, six AA Batteries. The power
grips also give the convenience of a secondary
shutter release button for vertical shooting.



Samigon Power Grips can hold up to two camera batteries for twice the power, but can also work with just one. The 6 AA battery adapter kit is included with each Power Grip at no extra charge! Each Power Grip mounts through the camera’s battery compartment and screws into the camera’s tripod thread. The Power Grips also have a standard tripod mount located on the bottom of each unit, keeping the important ability to attach the camera to a tripod.


Nikon D200 and Fuji S5 Pro Power Grip
Canon 5D Power Grip
Canon 20D, 30D, 40D Power Grip
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