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Twin1 - R4N

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Infrared Wireless & Wired Remote Shutter Release Sets (Transmitter + Receiver)

- For DLSR Cameras WITH Built-in Infrared -

Ideal for Studio Use*

The Twin1 R4N Receiver plugs directly into the 10 pin socket of your camera leaving your hot shoe available for flash or other accesories. The R4-Set give photographers extended operational range, allowing them to make all kinds of difficult shots possible. Each set comes with both a R3-UT transmitter and a R4N receiver. Package contains Transmitter, Receiver, Release Cable, Transmitter Battery, Strap, IR Channel Reset Pin and Manual.

Twin1 R4N-Set Features:
• All features of the R3-UT Max.
• Up to 300ft or more* of operational range from front, and 30ft from above, below or side.
• Support full & 1/2 shutter & Bulb function both wireless & wired (If camera is capable).
• Multi Device Control - Interference Protection.
• Battery Free Receiver.
• Gives all compatible cameras Infrared capabilities (see list below).
• Set includes both a R3-UT Transmitter and an R4-TRN Receiver.
• Includes Cable for wired shutter release function.

Package Contents:

Item Number
Twin1 R4 Universal Transmission