Zigview-R adds a shutter release,
intervalometer and motion detection
to the Zigview SC-V100's basic funtions


Cable Shutter Release

  • Convenient Shutter release button on main body.
  • Optional cables offer compatibility for most camera models.
  • IR remote control is also possible with Zigview's special cable.


Interval Shutter Release (Intervalometer)

  • Precise and elaborate operation mode settings.
  • Supports up to 999,999 interval shots / 0.5 sec to 99 days time intervals.
  • Setting initial and final shooting time is possible.


Motion Detection Shutter Release

  • The world's first motion detection shutter release for SLR.
  • Detects variations on the viewfinder image to fire camera shutter.
  • Can divide screen image into nine sections and vary sensitivity
    in each section for a wide range of applications.

Click Here: For examples of Motion Detection Shooting



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Examples of
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